Protecting Product Integrity in Transit: A Guide for Large Pharma & Biotech Firms

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms must secure their in-transit shipments to meet tough regulatory requirements and ensure patient safety.

Protecting critical shipments of raw ingredients or finished medicines once they leave your manufacturing plant to go to distributors and providers isn't easy, however.

To prevent costly damage, theft and diversion, pharma and biotech manufacturers need real-time in-transit visibility.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • 7 key ways that in-transit visibility supports Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • Where, during shipment, risks to product integrity are most likely & how to better mitigate those in-transit risks
  • Why in-transit visibility helps to maintain product integrity in transit 

Download the white paper now for a guide to understanding how in-transit visibility protects medicine product integrity throughout the supply chain.