How to Save Shipments & Money with IoT In-Transit Visibility


 Today's supply chains are under more stress than ever before.

When a shipment of critical, time-sensitive materials goes missing, do you have the tools to locate it? Can you predict when a key shipment has been damaged, or do you find out when your customer calls to complain?

Real-time, in-transit visibility is key to keeping your supply chain resilient.

Visibility solutions that include Internet of Things (IoT) sensors give you supply chain managers unparalleled access to the precise location and condition of your most important shipments.

With up-to-the-minute shipment location and condition information, your company can proactively and quickly respond to minimize the disruptive impact of shipment delays.

This white paper explains:

  • What key location & condition data IoT sensors provide
  • How to use IoT sensor data to identify at-risk shipments to save them from loss, damage and theft
  • 4 real-world examples of companies saving millions of dollars with IoT sensors

Download the white paper to learn how to protect your critical shipments from supply chain risks with IoT in-transit visibility.