Webinar: Using IoT & Visibility to Safeguard Product Integrity in Transit

You have tightly controlled quality assurance processes at your suppliers, packagers and plants. But once your product has left those safe havens, how do you maintain product integrity? You must ensure safety and compliance from end to end, including while the product is in transit.

Hear real practical examples and lessons learned from industry leaders using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and real-time visibility to prevent damage, theft and diversion.

In this webinar on protecting in-transit product integrity, you will learn:

  • When to use an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor

  • How to use data you already have with IoT sensor data to identify and react to damage, theft and loss in real time

  • How to continuously fine-tune your supply chain for agility, safety and best-in-class customer satisfaction


Sven Dharmani, Principal, Advisory Services, Global Supply Chain Leader Automotive/Manufacturing Services

Ken Ehrman, IoT Technology Pioneer & Supply Chain Consultant, Ken Ehrman Consulting

Jim Hayden, CTO, Savi


Alessandra Barrett, Senior Content Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit 

Download the webinar now to hear supply chain leaders explain how IoT sensors and real-time visibility prevent in-transit risks.