Webinar: Demystifying AI for Supply Chains

Humans and Machines, Better Together

This webinar features DHL's Mike Wiggins, All Traffic Solutions' Andy Souders and Savi's Jim Hayden discussing how humans and machines can combine to use big data to solve transportation challenges and logistics issues.

Together, humans and artificial intelligence (AI) can create agile, optimized supply chains with more accurate ETAs, improved risk management and loss prevention, and lower costs.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The role of big data in AI, including challenges with accuracy, harmonization, and integration
  • What AI is, and what its limitations are
  • Where AI is used today
  • How and why you would use AI in your supply chain
  • What you need to start using AI to improve performance of you supply chain

Download the webinar recording to hear how people can apply artificial intelligence to transform supply chains.