Case Study: Live Streaming In-Transit Visibility Protects Seasonal, Topline Revenue

Reducing uncertainty with end-to-end real-time visibility.

Originally presented at the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, this case study focuses on how Syngenta, a global agricultural products company, benefits from real-time, end-to-end in-transit visibility.

Syngenta must have the right products and seeds to the right customers in time for the growing seasons. Disruption to their supply chain at this critical time can mean a negative impact to total annual revenues.

This case study explains how Syngenta is gaining end-to-end real-time visibility to in-transit inventory and reducing the uncertainty in customer deliveries. These benefits ensure both food security for customers and revenue for Syngenta.

Download the case study deck now to learn how Syngenta uses live streaming visibility for competitive advantage.